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If there’s the need to explain something, we’re there. Whether it’s for a young startup or an established large company.

«Cleverclip reduces the complex relationships by visualising the important bits. This way the viewer understands quickly what is being discussed. The collaboration with Cleverclip was as expected, pragmatic and uncomplicated. A huge thank you to the Cleverclip Team!»
Olivier Ferilli
Product Manager Swisscom
Julie Ann Trachsel
«Thanks to an explainer video from Cleverclip we were able to explain an internal project in a appealing and straightforward way. Above all, I enjoyed the uncomplicated collaboration and the dedicated young team. Changes and criticism was accepted professionally and adjusted quickly, until we were fully happy with the solution.»
Julie-Ann Trachsel
Project Assistant Strategic Development, Cooperative Migros Aare
Stefan Moser
«To explain an internal order tool comprehensively to our employees, we decided to use an explainer video produced by Cleverclip. The result completely convinced us! The internal feedback was brilliant and the video became an important instrument for the visualisation of the guiding principles and internal trainings.»
Stefan Moser
Head of Operations BEKB

For these we’ve already grinded away

Because the world is already complicated enough

You have an idea. So people can get inspired by your idea, it has to be understood. And for your idea to be understood, it has to be explained first. For example, with an explainer video or an interactive infographic. That’s where we come in.

Us humans remember things easier when they are shown to us through images - and that’s exactly what Cleverclip does. We explain difficult to grasp subjects in a sharp, understandable and visually attractive way. If through explainer videos, infographics, presentations, graphic recordings or other products - no subject is too complex to create an entertaining story or package in a vivid compact summary. To understand every detail of your topic and to explain it correctly and appropriately for your target audience, we start every project with an intensive kickoff workshop. Subsequently, additional steps are added, depending on the product. During the creation of an explainer video, we create a Treatment where we deliver proposals of how we think the subject can be realised. Then it’s your turn to choose an idea, that you like best. No matter what type of product we create for you, feedback loops are our highest priority. So you and your target audience get exactly what you are looking for.


Complicated product? Extensive prozess? Doesn’t matter what – we will help you explain your complicated subject clearly and understandably.

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